I remember one day when I lived in NYC I was at the bodega on 84th and York, a cute little 24 hour market run by a Turkish family. Inside there was a French family doing some grocery shopping. A French family in the Upper East Side of Manhattan was not a spectacle to see, yet a teenage daughter choosing the buttermilk as her drink of choice was a spectacle to see.

I am currently in Paris, France and went to a small market the day I arrived looking for some milk to buy. I noticed the word “fermente” on a bottle and figured it was similar to the laban I drink in Dubai and the kefir I would drink in NYC. I would also sometimes purchase buttermilk in NYC when I could not find kefir as I found this to be a good replacement, and I started to like that tang on my tongue from the fermented lactic acid.

The French “kefir” or “laban” that I purchased tasted much, much more sour, which the dietitian side of me liked as I felt as though I could actually feel the kick of probiotics at first sip. Little did I know that what I bought “lait fermente” was indeed buttermilk- ahhhhh yes, “fermented milk’ – all makes sense now.

So I drank up one bottle and bought another one within 5 days. I’m a self-proclaimed Dairy Queen.

The Nutrition Lowdown:

Le Lait Ribot
Lait Fermente by Payson Breton

A fermented drink made from cow’s milk and selected lactic ferments that makes it easier to digest vs. cows milk alone. Beneficial bacteria promoting a healthy gut. Tangy, acidic taste- may take some getting used to but well worth it. Add to crepes, use in cereal, or be bold and drink from the bottle like I do.

Bon Appetit!






*I am an affiliate for Mosaic Foods. I research all companies with whom I am an affiliate for to ensure that my brand’s values align with their mission. 

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