About the Brand

During one of my trekks I became fascinated by the difference in foods from around the world when compared to the typical Western diet. Having lived abroad in a small town in central Germany in my early 20’s as an Au Pair I found myself questioning why some foods tasted so different, and at times tasted better, while abroad. I further found it refreshing that during a time of carb or fat-restricted fad diets imprinting themselves into the American food culture that I was fortunate enough to be living in a culture where the words “food” and “guilt” were not synonymous; nor did they belong in the same sentence.

I observed a much healthier relationship with food that led to the driving motivator for me to become a dietitian in the United States: to help others learn about and have a healthy relationship with food. This observation became a key aspect of how I would later promote health and counsel my clients.

As I began to learn more about other cultures and their food history and habits that could positively impact an overall healthy lifestyle I knew that this was the common sense factor that was missing from many standardized recommendations and from what was often displayed in the media.

To kick-off the Indigenous Nutritionist® brand I decided to reach out to other nutrition professionals around the globe, primarily but not all, dietitians and discovered that there are many “nutripreneurs” in this world that we (Americans) can learn from and vice-versa. In a culture where people often were confused about what to eat to a point that was was disrupting their relationship with food itself I aimed to “bring it all back to basics” and hence, Indigenous Nutritionist® was created in December 2014, received its business license in New York in 2015 and became a US Registered Trademark in 2016.

For this venture, I sought to find a name that would embrace my passions within nutrition. Indigenous embraced the authenticity I sought to represent the food cultures I experienced during my travels highlighting foods that were native to regions around the world-some of which became known as “superfoods” in American culture. Dan Buettner’s book Blue Zones is also an inspiration for my focus on food and nutrition culture. Nutritionist was used instead of dietitian simply because it chimed nicely with “Indigenous” and embraced a more wholesome concept. Every dietitian is a nutritionist. 

Unfortunately, in my recent travels I have seen a “westernization” sweep across the world and we are now witnessing nutrition-related diseases arise in parts of the world that were once known for their healthy diets. As an American dietitian it is a personal and professional mission of mine to stop this spread and help preserve traditional diets that are getting lost in a gamble of Big Food money, lack of information and education, and misrepresentation in the media. One way to do this is to educate and put dietitians on the map as THE nutrition professionals, whether it be 1:1 nutrition counseling, public health policies, medical nutriton therapy, nutrition education in the classroom our in the boardroom; there are many avenues a dietitian can steer his or her specialty within the scope of dietetics practice.

I hope my brand encourages you to shut down your computers and go out and see the world, eat with and learn from others, move the body, have fun, pave your own road, and find simplicity in your well-being.

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Spread Knowledge

To enhance the knowledge and understanding about food, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle cultures that positively impact one’s health. To educate individuals about Joseph's Pilates Method of Contrology and highlight the uniqueness of Kundalini Yoga among other types of yoga and meditation.

Promote Dietitian-Nutritionists

Introduce the world to dietitians-nutritionists; who we are, what we do and how we can help improve and enhance the health and well-being of people globally. Dietitians-Nutritionists are forefront as part of the driving force in the prevention against nutrition-related diseases from individual and population based roots.

Open Doors to Cross-Cultural Connections

To connect nutrition professionals from around the world to people in need of their services blurring borders and creating sustainable nutritionist-to-consumer matches that will enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Be Tech & Human Forward

To utilize technology to reach those who are in underserved areas, lack access, or simply find tele-health services easier to fit into their lifestyle while embracing human connection. To depend on professional expertise consisting of evidence based research combined with common sense to help people thrive for their optimal level of well-being on a personalized level.


Build a Cultural Wellness Gateway

To grow organically as a wellness hub that delivers a variety of print, audio and video publications for you to learn from and be inspired by. To develop as an internationally recognized well-being brand that encourages people to travel, engage and learn from others.

Deliver Weekly Content Re: Nutrition News from Around the World

Articles summarizing nutrition news will be delivered via “NutriTues” each Tuesday. Content will include various topics within nutrition from public policy, to clinical, culinary, entrepreneurs and beyond.

Create a Weekly Column Brief on Pilates and Kundalini Yoga

How can Pilates and Kundalini help you become a better athlete, construction worker, gardener? How can these 2 forms of exercise and mind-body practice help you to be a better you? My weekly column will deliver insight in a fun and enlightening manner.

Enhance Wellbeing of Others via an Educational & Product Marketplace

Create a cultural well-being downloadable guide to help people take greater control of their own health and embrace a heathy relationship with food. To partner with trustworthy and health-conscious companies and farmers helping to promote their goods for purchase by consumers.

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