The Beginning

Kelly grew up in a small town in central Maine. Having moved to another small town in Germany to be an Au Pair at the age of 20 she was in awe of the difference in food culture. It was this pivotal point in her life that guided her towards a career path in health and wellness. Upon her return to the states she pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Southern Maine.

The Move

In 2009 she made the move to the The Big Apple where she earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from New York University, and completed her dietetic internship at Beth Israel Medical Center (currently Mount Sinai Medical Center). While the classroom instruction was profoundly beneficial it was the experience in the hospital, food service kitchens and community that helped her to expand her knowledge to a broader level. Furthermore, working alongside a mentor who is a leader in the "nutripreneur- entrepreneur" movement she was provided with a clear view of the different avenues in which she could take her skills and knowledge beyond it's traditional hospital grounds.

Her Work So Far

She has worked in various neighborhoods in NYC with a focus on employee wellness programming and maternal fetal medicine nutrition counseling. She was introduced to tele-health in 2014 and continues to see clients via a NYC based digital health app. She moved abroad to the United Arab Emirates after she was unexpectedly recruited for a job and was fascinated by the change in culture and scenery as well as her new geographic location that allowed her to travel to nearby countries that were once so far and foreign to her. Most important to her, however, is the volunteer work she has done in America and abroad, which she finds to have the most profound impact on her profession and her character.

Her Approach

Kelly’s approach to working with clients includes a sense of humor. She built Indigenous Nutritionist® with this approach in mind and often intertwines wit into her articles and her 1:1 sessions to engage her audience. She wants to walk the walk and not just talk the talk and therefore learns as much as she can during her travels via the dietitians she meets, speaking with locals and researching the land she is visiting.

Journey Forward

Currently Kelly is bridging her Pilates training to original Pilates. Continuing her full comprehensive studies in Pilates is something she has always wanted to do while residing in NYC, and she is very happy to have accepted a job teaching at Pure Pilates Dubai. Her goal is to carry on Joseph Pilates’ original work and share this method of mind-body movement with others globally. She will not stop Moving Mountains for Marilyn (her late Grandma). She is here to guide you to an enhanced well-being.

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