Cathy Zhang

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I’m Cathy, a Vancouver and New York City-based registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). I am a believer of “nutrition for everyone”, no matter background and socioeconomic status. I will provide you with simple, approachable ways to achieve your health goals. I speak both English and Mandarin

Outside of the nutrition world, you can find me sharing photos and stories on my blog. On weekends, you can find me in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, at a jazz concert, or pursuing some sort of outdoor activity. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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About Author

I was born and raised in Maine, where the State motto is "The Way Life Should Be," speaking to their beautiful coast line, mountain ranges, farmland, small cobble stone cities, and last but not least, the down-to-earth people. In was trained in NYC completing my MS degree in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics at NYU. After expat experienes in small town Germany and big city Dubai, I am now residing in Paris with my husband. All things are new.

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