Maria Emilia Picco

Posted 5 years ago

Hi to the readers! I am a Registered Dietitian from Argentina graduated in 2008 from National University of Cordoba. I finished my postgraduate studies in Malnutrition and Nutritional Support in 2011 at University of Buenos Aires, and later in Cancer and Nutrition in 2013 issued by the Argentinean Society of Clinical Nutrition.

Currently, I provide services at my private practice. I love to coach people to change their eating habits and develop healthier lifestyles. I assist companies abroad from all over the world in marketing and nutrition, help them through the process of creating slogans, summaries of their products, blog writing, promotions and everything related to sales optimization. I also administer two social media accounts (“Nutriediciones”) where I share relevant content and the latest news and tips of nutrition and wellness. I believe in the power of nutrients and bioactive principles to change the course of any disease and especially, regarding prevention.

Cancer is an affliction of my interest. I have devoted uncountable hours to study how nutrients, food supplements, superfoods and other principles empower healing mechanisms and enhance regular treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Where I grew up:
Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina

Where I live now:
Nueva Cordoba, Cordoba City

Favorite vacation spot:
Bombinhas, Brazil

Favorite home cooked meal:
My husband’s barbecue with his special dressing, made of fresh garlic and parsley.

Fun foods to make:
A salty tart filled in with champignon, egg, low fat cheese, green onion and cherry tomato, over a homemade dough with flax seeds and olive oil.

Best olive oil I’ve ever had:
Olive oil with rosemary from Casa Juan in Villa General Belgrano. One of my favorite spots in the world.

What I order 9 times out of 10 when dining out:
Anything with shrimp or seafood. I am crazy about sushi and Asian food.

Favorite skin care product:
I love the brands Natura® and VZ®. Almond, cherry and coconut milks, preferable.

Favorite exercise:
Running, tennis and field hockey.

Special Interests within nutrition:
nutrition for cancer, raw foods, superfoods and dietary supplements, including vitamins and minerals to empower healing processes and to prevent diseases.

Special Interests outside of my profession:
Reading, fiction writing, outdoor sports, meeting new cultures around the globe and entrepreneurship.

Follow me on:
Facebook: @nutriediciones
Twitter: @nutriediciones

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