Tehzeeb Lalani

 Dietitian / Posted 5 years ago

Tehzeeb is a young and dynamic entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies from New York University. She is the sole proprietor of a health and nutrition consultancy service called Scale Beyond Scale (SBS) where evidently enough, she helps her clients look beyond the weighing scale and guides them through a host of health woes-from diabetes to heart disease and everything in between. She contributes as a guest author for magazines such as Home and Happiness, The Active Times, Health Me Up, Diabetes Health, HealthBiz and B Positive. She has also made appearances on Zee Business, Care World TV and done brief stints for All India Radio, The Economic Times and Mid-day.

When not working, speaking, writing or studying the latest health trends, she travels, does yoga, studies and speaks fluent French, rants about the benefits of awakening at 5:00 am and partakes in simple home cooking experiments. Petite, pretty, poised and wildly passionate, New York trained Tehzeeb comes as a new-age breath of fresh air in the otherwise un-stimulating health scene of India.


Where I grew up:
Mumbai, India

Where I live now:
Mumbai, India

Favorite vacation spot:
Cannes, France

Favorite home cooked meal:
Mom’s palak paneer (spinach and Indian variant of local cheese) with fresh rotis (Indian flat bread)

Favorite exercise:
6:00 am yoga!

Special Interests within nutrition:
Effective strategies to tippy-toe around challenging cultural norms when it comes to food, anti-diet approach to permanent weight-loss, evolution of health trends over centuries (especially the last few decades), human behavior when it comes to eating and exercise

Special Interests outside of my profession:
Traveling, entrepreneurship, French studies, social work for local communities

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