Z Hotel Zanzibar
Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar City, Tanzania
+255 774 266 26


Good for:

  • Girl crews who seek relaxation, day drinking, night drinking, water sports, convenience, fresh seafood dinners, inexpensive fare & drinks, and above all, Hakuna Matata (no worries).
  • Couples who, as much as they love and adore each other, also love and adore their own space and like striking up a conversation with strangers at the pool.
  • Solo girls and guys who will benefit from the community feel- meeting others a cinch.
  • Families with teenagers who think they know it all;  just send them to the beach in front of the hotel and tell them to go on a “swimming with the dolphins” excursion. This is no Disney Park.



Why I am into Z Hotel:

  • The rooftop view is phenomenal overlooking the Indian Ocean. A local brew in hand, good friends, and the sun setting on blue-green waters.
  • The hospitality. In Zanzibar, people are all about the “Hakuna Matata” way of life. No worries! Whether it be from the staff or locals on the beach you are surrounded by genuinely friendly people.
  • The Canopy Beds. Put on a comfy robe and get your sleep on so you can get up early and get your adventure on! The beds come complete with a mosquito net for you if you need it, as is standard in many hotels. What is not standard is the…
  • Personal Balcony! Each villa room has its own little balcony overlooking green palm trees, maybe a monkey or two, on towards beige sands and blue-green waters.
  • The trek to the hotel in the van is a journey not to be slept through. Leading up to the Oasis of sorts from the airport you will go through villages getting a glimpse at local living. I always love the ride from the airport to my place of stay in any country I visit. It is literally opening a window and peaking out onto a whole new world.
  • You can often find the owner of the hotel on the grounds, how much more personal does it get? She is there to help you in case you are in any sort of bind. Again- Hakuna Matata!
  • Breakfast is included, and it has some of the freshest fruits and the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. That said,  I highly recommend the Zanzibar spice tea.
  • The pool overlooking the beach- your own semi-private cool watering hole when the temperature is too high to brave the beach.

This hotel was recommended to me and my friends by another friend who travels often for both work and pleasure. Now I am passing this on to you. Word-of-mouth marketing I find to be some of the best and most authentic forms of marketing alive today. If you are traveling to Zanzibar and looking for a place to stay, this is your place.



Hakuna Matata!




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