Hotel Nyack
400 High Ave, Nyack, NY 10960
(845) 675-8700



Good for:

  • Weekend get-a-ways for New Yorkers looking for a chill escape only a road trip away from home
  • Eavesdropping on divorced couples as they find a new kind of love while their kids play in the pool
  • Summertime sips at the bar or poolside, gratis beach towels, and a hot tub to top it off
  • Weddings, if a hotel wedding is your thing. There was actually a wedding I was tempted to crash when I stayed there (bucket listed), and while I did not join in on the fun, I do think I photobombed the lovely bride as she was entering into the hotel
  • Those who love Halloween and may want to visit during the month of festivities as they have a cemetery in their backyard



Why I am IN2 the Hotel Nyack:

  • The staff is both quirky and kind, especially the Irish waitress at the onsite restaurant
  • Blackout curtains to ensure a good night’s rest. If you are sensitive to light such as I am then you will enjoy this feature
  • Got robe? I LOVE robes, especially fresh ones from hotels. The Time has you covered with cozy robes to relax in (or do you work in, your choice)*
  • Big beds, big mirrors, big lobby, it’s like being in Alice in Wonderland, big time 😉
  • The location- easy access to and from the highway to local hiking and wineries, such as Torne Valley Vineyards. It is equally an easy walk into town for live music at night and morning coffee with the local bikers.


Hotel Nyack, formerly known as Time Hotel Nyack,  located in New York is like jumping down a rabbit hole in an otherwise quaint little town. Patterned walls, oriental rugs, glass showers, and posh art deco lounges make it a perfect place to step into a different time; one of mystery, perhaps a time that has not yet happened. Time will tell at the Hotel Nyack.





* During the pandemic, Hotel Nyack  may have some items by request only. If a robe is not in your room please request one from the front desk.

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