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Indigenous Nutritionist® was created in December 2014, received its business license in New York in 2015, and became a US Registered Trademark in 2016.

For this venture, I sought to find a name that would embrace my passions within nutrition. “Indigenous” embraced the native foods, traditional cuisine, culture, and customs I sought to shine a light on. “Nutritionist” was used instead of dietitian simply because it chimed nicely with “Indigenous” and tends to be more globally recognized. Please note: every dietitian is a nutritionist, but not every nutritionist is a dietitian.

In 2021 I added what I like to call “my other half” to my brand-Pilates!  I decided to add “& Contrology” to represent myself as a Pilates Teacher and promote the magnificent mind-body work of Joe and Clara Pilates. (Joe Pilates was known to call his work “Contrology.”)

Whereas the Indigenous Nutritionist & Contrology (INCO) brand may appear to be simply about nutrition on the surface, this assumption is misleading. INCO has more depth and is multifaceted. We often hear or read about the mind-body connection. The INCO brand views this bridged relationship from a different angle. INCO’s vision is mind-body kindness.  This mind-body kindness connection is the root of its metaphorical tree.  The branches of which do indeed include food, nutrition, and physical activity, and also art, history, culture, psychology, literature, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology. It’s all connected.

A note

Recently indigenous people have been given more attention in the media, as they very well should be. The word indigenous is indeed an adjective and describes not only people but food as well. For my brand, the word indigenous focuses on foods, and I am not an indigenous person myself, however, I will and do support, embrace, and advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples personally and professionally.


The INCO mission:

  • To enhance the knowledge and understanding of food, culture, nutrition, and lifestyles that positively impact one’s health. 
  • To promote dietitians/nutritionists from around the world and connect them to people in need of their services.
  • To grow as an independent media wellness portal that focuses on delivering the following:
    • YouTube channel:  IN & Co: A channel that celebrates food, nutrition, culture, and Pilates
    • Podcast: interviews with various dietitians and entrepreneurs from around the world and the Global Gusto Gazette Substack on audio.
    • Blog: A creative writing Cafe Stories series, the option to subscribe to my Substack, restaurant, and hotel reviews (always good), and dietitian features.
  • To help individuals and families by offering 1:1 nutrition and health education for women and men focusing on the intersection of sports/exercise and reproductive/fertility health. It’s all about energy.

Indigenous Nutritionist® & Contrology- INCO