From the outside looking in

When I was 20 years old I moved to a small town in Germany to live and work as an Au Pair. It was at this time that I became fascinated by the different varieties of foods and ways of living when compared to American culture. I found myself questioning why some foods tasted so different, and at times much better, while abroad. It was refreshing that during a time of carb or fat-restricted fad diets imprinting themselves onto the American food culture I was fortunate enough to be living in a culture where the words “food” and “guilt” were not synonymous. This was in 2004.

Since my time spent living in Germany, I have been fortunate to be able to visit various places around the world- from volunteer work with the Hill Tribes of Mindanao, waking up al fresco to the beautiful landscape of the Musandam Peninsula of Oman, and hiking the Caucasus mountains in Georgia. In 2017  I had the opportunity to live and work abroad once again, which led me to the United Arab Emirates where I lived for about 3 years. Currently, I am between Paris and NYC. 

Curiouser and curiouser…

As I began to learn more about other cultures- their food history and habits that may positively impact one’s lifestyle- I realized that this factor was often overlooked in standardized textbook literature and in the media. I reached out to other nutrition professionals around the world, primarily, but not all, dietitians, and I continued to learn more about the ways in which cultural customs may improve the health and well-being of both individuals and a community of people. Specifically the health of the mind.

In the American food culture, I came across many people who were confused about what to eat. With this finding, I aimed to “bring it all back to basics,” taking what I learned from my education and experiences and interweaving this into my brand’s mission, goals, values, and offerings.

Do more of what you love

Indigenous Nutritionist® was created in December 2014, received its business license in New York in 2015, and became a US Registered Trademark in 2016.

For this venture, I sought to find a name that would embrace my passions within nutrition. “Indigenous” embraced the traditional food culture I sought to shine a light on further highlighting native foods and traditional cuisine. “Nutritionist” was used instead of dietitian simply because it chimed nicely with “Indigenous” and tends to be more globally recognized. Please note: every dietitian is a nutritionist.

In 2021 I added my other passion to this well-being-focused business- Pilates. I decided to add “& Contrology” to represent myself as a Pilates Teacher and promote the magnificent mind-body work of Joe and Clara Pilates.

I have been a dietitian since 2012. My interests have led me towards my specialties within wellness and nutrition, which are fertility, pre/postnatal, gestational diabetes, reproductive health, cardiovascular health & wellness, and nutrition for sport. I combine my knowledge of cultural practices with my knowledge of evidence-based research outcomes to help patients thrive and feel well, both in their minds and in their bodies.

Indigenous Nutritionist® & Contrology- INCO

The brand’s aim

Recently indigenous people have been given more attention in the media, as they very well should be. The word indigenous is indeed an adjective and describes not only people but food as well. For my brand, the word indigenous focuses on foods, and I am not an indigenous person myself, however, I will and do support, embrace, and advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples personally and professionally.

INCO aims to encourage you to shut down your computers and go outside for fresh air, whether that is your own neighborhood or traveling to a far-off place (perhaps listening to my Podcast as you take off), eat with and learn from others (read about my experience while visiting Armenia for some inspiration), move the body with Pilate’s practice (if you are in Paris, book with me here ), or send me a message. The goal is to have fun, pave your own road, and find great joy in life’s simple pleasures. 


The INCO Mission:

  • To enhance the knowledge and understanding of food culture, nutrition, and lifestyles that positively impact one’s health.
  • To promote dietitians/nutritionists from around the world and connect them to people in need of their services.
  • To grow as an independent media wellness portal that focuses on delivering the following:
    • YouTube channel:  IN & Co: A channel that celebrates food, nutrition, culture, and Pilates. 
    • Podcast: interviews with various dietitians, chefs, entrepreneurs, etc. from around the world.
    • Blog: travel, food, and nutrition-related topics and a special Cafe Stories series. Categorized by location + option to subscribe to my Substack.