Matcha comes from the same plant that regular green tea comes from however the way it grows differs. The plant is covered for 20-30 days before harvest to avoid direct contact with the sun, which increases chlorophyll production, and amino acid content, and therefore changes the colors as well. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

The tea leaves are ground up into a powder, and matcha is born. Matcha is high in antioxidants, a good source of L-theanine, which is an amino acid that helps give you some alertness minus the crash that some people may experience from higher amounts of caffeine, and it is fairly easy and rather fun to prepare!



Lemon Balm is a lemon-scented herb from the mint family and is considered a calming herb. It is native to Europe, North Africa, and West Asia, and is also grown around the world. Historically it was used in the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve appetite, and ease pain and discomfort from indigestion. Current-day research shows that when combined with other herbs such as valerian, hops, and chamomile it may reduce anxiety and promote sleep. Topically it may help treat cold sores early on. According to the American Pregnancy Association lemon balm tea is likely safe during pregnancy.



Peppermint tea is a lovely soothing tea that may help ease digestion when drunk after a meal. It is also likely safe during pregnancy. Even just the smell of the leaves may help reduce nausea. Enjoy and relax with a cup of this peppermint tea.



Green tea is high in antioxidants and is simply a wonderfully refreshing tea to have in the morning or early afternoon.



Four Sigmatic paved the way for easy-to-access drinkable teas and coffees with mushrooms. This one with Lions Mane is a great introduction if you want to try them out,