I love this rice cooker from Aroma. It has a BPA-free steamer for veggies and various settings such as oatmeal, brown rice, white rice and quinoa. Great for 1-2 people, and excellent for NYC aparments.



I have used a Nutribullet both in NYC and now in Paris.  It is great for Summer smoothies and also foods such as hummus. Great product and does not take up too much space in the kitchen. I recommend to use it for cold foods. 



Before moving to Paris I gifted a friend my cast iron pan as my husband and I decided we would buy a new one in France. I love this pan so much for a couple of reasons. 1) The nostaliga of growing up and Maine and watching my Dad take such great care of his cast iron pans, which he used religiously and made the best eggs.  2) It does provide a source of iron! This is a bonus if you tend to have low iron levels or are pregnant.  To provide an example, studies have shown that spaghtetti sauce contains 0.61 mg of iron, and after it is cooked in a cast iron pan the iron amount increases to 5.77 mg per 3oz /100g.

Bonus: it gives the arms a good workout too while washing.



Below is a Chef’s Knife, a paring trio-set, and 14-piece set by Victorinox. One of my courses at NYU was Food Lab, in which we got to eat everything we cooked and/or baked right in time for lunch. The Chef’s knive below was my first professional knife purchased I used for this class in 2009. I still use it today as I cook in my Parisian kitchen.



I love tongs! They are easy to use for cooking and serving. Tongs to toss and serve salads, or to cook string beans. They have such great use and are one of the top kitchen utensils I recommend.