Weekly Bite: Jan 27, 2023

In Minneapolis, MN “the Sioux Chef,” Sean Sherman feels it is important to reclaim his indigenous foods and share them with the community. One outcome of his mission is Owamni, an indigenous restaurant with views of the Mississippi River. Owanmi opened its doors in 2021 and a year later won the James Beard award for the best new restaurant. While the restaurant is new, the food served has a history dating back to the pre-16th century (the history, not the actual food). You will not find flour, dairy, cane sugar, or pork on the menu. Instead, you will find items such as smoked Lake Superior trout with tepary bean spread accompanied by wojape sauce and tostada, and wild rice porridge (even the “milk” is from wild rice). The Sioux Chef is a remarkable man, who is also the founder of the North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NĀTIFS). Read more about this man, his restaurant, and what he is doing for his community.