Andy De Santis

 Dietitian / Posted 2 years ago

Hello World! My name is Andy and I am a dietitian. I’ve been very much into food and health since my late teens and I never pass up the opportunity to help others achieve their nutrition goals. I received my master’s degree in public health nutrition from the University of Toronto and was employed at the Canadian Diabetes Association before starting my own private practice. I am also an avid food and nutrition blogger and run my own blog as well as contributing to a growing body of magazines and websites.

Aside from being a dietitian, I am an avid soccer fan and player and can hold a conversation about soccer with anyone in the world ( as long as it is in English!).


Where I grew up:

Where I live now:

Favorite vacation spot:

Favorite home cooked meal:
Rice and Chicken

Fun foods to make:
Fun? What’s that?

Best olive oil I’ve ever had:
They all taste great to me

What I order 9 times out of 10 when dining out:
Rice and Chicken

Favorite skin care product:
I don’t even wash my face!

Favorite exercise:

Special Interests within nutrition:
Weight management, general healthy eating, disease prevention.

Special Interests outside of my profession:
Soccer, Soccer, Soccer and Alexandre Dumas books

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Andy De Santis, RD MPH Health in Davisville 1910 Yonge St. Toronto, ON M4S1Y2 Show Phone Number *****

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